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There is no place like home. It is where we live and breathe freely. No one can question or dictate us within those four walls.
Written by Pradeep Kumar

Look in depth the real estate scene of Lahore. Despite the market being competitive and tough to rule over, IHA Rent establishes itself as the beacon of light and hope for customers. Whether you’re a traveler, someone looking to organize a grand event, or simply need a furnished house place to move in, selects the best option for you and your loved ones. Read more in this article:

At the bus stop, train station or at the airport?

No, none of these places.

It ends at Immediate Home Accommodation (IHA) Rent – the real estate developers. It is a place to find furnished houses for rent in a matter of minutes because it is a constant struggle to find accommodation of our choice across the country. When we type ‘furnished houses near me’ in Google, we are usually looking for secure, comfortable and access-friendly places.

Furnished homes by IHA Rent suffice for families as well as visitors in Pakistan from different parts of the world. The hunt for your dream destination ends here where you recharge, plan and make your next move.

It is different from searching for a house on OLX because furnished houses on OLX attract clients from everywhere and to filter the right clients is a difficult job. However, IHA Rent preselects houses and furnishes them to perfection beforehand. They are ready to live from the word go.

Let’s equip ourselves with some knowledge-driven scenarios when people are face-to-face with the competitive real estate market.

The stakes are high in the real estate sector

To look for a furnished house for rent in DHA is different from a 10-marla unfurnished house for rent in the same area. Furniture adds to the convenience factor which, in turn, raises the rent.

For instance, when someone looks for furnished homes nearby, they are looking to spend memorable moments and capture them for life.

Why not spend them in a house in DHA, Phase 8.

It is trendy with perks like shopping areas, cinema complexes, parks, and recreational facilities at walking distance.

Home sweet home

There is no place like home. It is where we live and breathe freely. No one can question or dictate us within those four walls. We are our own bosses and heroes at home. Thus, they become our forts of comfort, protect us during extreme weather conditions and are spacious to easily walk around.

Whether you are in an amusement park, a hill station or a camping site, once the trip is over, we immediately want to head home. Therefore, it holds that special place in our lives and that it needs to be spic and span without exaggeration. It is a fortress from where we leave for work every day to earn and where we expect our kids to grow up.

Come to IHA Rent for your next safe haven in Lahore where we cater to your living needs like a friend. We don’t rest until you are settled in.

Furnished houses for rent – OLX Lahore

When much is at stake, searching for a furnished house on OLX in Lahore makes life easy. The portal offers hope to the searcher to keep looking until they find the right place

It is also suitable for anyone looking for a portion on rent in Lahore. Flats for rent in Johar Town, Lahore are particularly hot-selling commodities. Johar Town has developed into a packed community in the past couple of years becoming the center of attraction for prospective tenants and buyers.

On another note, Gulberg is the most-searched locations when it comes to furnished spaces for rent. Whether you rent a portion, flat or an apartment, the rent has gone up because Lahore is constantly expanding with more and more people coming in from other parts of the country. The prices are not what they used to be.

Furnished flats vs. furnished portions on rent in Lahore

Furnished flats vs. furnished portions on rent in Lahore

As a small family, you don’t need a big house, but a portion in Lahore. A furnished portion for rent in Lahore usually ranges from PKR 45,000 to 65,000 in locations like DHA and Gulberg. Model Town is another hot spot where rented portions are in abundance.

Furthermore, when we talk about flats and portions, they are quite similar. Flats usually consist of one or two bedrooms. Studio apartments are famous with bachelors looking to start a job in Lahore or study in it.

Flats for rent in Johar Town, Lahore can be an option for people who wish to live near the canal, the smoothest road in Lahore connecting main roads like Mall Road, Jail Road, and Ferozpur Road. Winters and springs are especially pleasant around this road of historical value.

Flats for rent in Gulberg, Lahore present an equally good opportunity to anyone who wants to live in a compact yet accessible space. We suggest going for a flat instead of a portion because it is more independent with less outside interference.

Tourism, weddings, anniversaries, and mega gatherings

We come in handy when you want to organize weddings, galas, or other events on a massive scale. It is not the houses or apartments for rent that make us apart, but the quality of service. Become accustomed to beautiful Pakistan by visiting Lahore and making it your baseline before traveling to other parts of the country.

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