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How to use design thinking to create a happiness lifestyle design for yourself

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Written by Christina Jones

What is design thinking? Design thinking is a unique technology that is applied to products or services to design them in an attractive way. This design thinking process includes a bunch of different processes such as analytical process, tactical process, and their practical uses to develop designing ideas. 

However, it would be interesting if we apply design thinking to create a happy lifestyle design. On that note, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans wrote a book named ‘Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life’, which is based on a course on applying design thinking in your life that they teach at Stanford University. 

This course and the book inspires people to apply the principles of design thinking in their personal and professional life by using the strategic and analytic process of design thinking. They teach people how someone can use design thinking to solve their problems and help create a better, well-planned future to remain happy for the rest of their lives. 

The best lifestyle designer explains that design thinking includes five steps, namely, empathize, determine, ponder, prototype, and test. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to use design thinking to create a happy lifestyle design for yourself, suggested by the lifestyle designer. 

How to use design thinking to create a happy lifestyle design:

Most people spend more than half of their lives thinking about shaping their careers or finding a better job. Therefore, we will focus on how to apply design thinking to a career and job. Nevertheless, you can apply design thinking to any of your life aspects for improvement.

For the most part, we can not take the most crucial life decision on our own which is a career. We tend to find help when it comes to choosing the right path of our life and sticking to it for a lifetime. Often we take career counseling, but they suggest we should follow our passion. Whereas the majority can not figure out what is their passion or they have too many passions, as a result, we can not find our only passion to stick to for the rest of our lives. Here the trouble starts. There is where we need to apply design thinking to create a better future.

Steps to execute to design your career with the help of design thinking:

We will discuss some steps to execute to design your career with the help of design thinking. The steps are as follows:

1 .Holding on to a good time journal:

You can keep track of your daily performance at your work by holding a time journal in case you are feeling unsatisfied with your work and thinking about leaving it. You can improve your present performance while you maintain the time journal and put down your daily activities for a week by simply asking yourself some questions. You can identify what work you enjoy and when you feel low. After realizing the area in which you have a lack, you can apply design thinking to fill the gap and improve your work performance.

2. Pursue your energy:

The activities you find interesting are keep you energized whereas, all your energy drains when it comes to doing a boring job. When you keep track of your activities, you will understand what is energizing work and what is energy-consuming. You can get an idea and improve your work and your daily routine.

3. Building the Odyssey plan:

The Odyssey plan is the imagination that helps you to think about the future of yourself. Where you want to see yourself in the next few decades. You can visualize the future and do accordingly, starting with focusing on personal and professional life. To do so, create different scenarios about what can happen in the future. Think about what will happen if your life goes the same path as now, then think what can happen if everything from your current life is gone all of a sudden. What would you do in these scenarios? You will definitely find a way. The fact is, your life can go in various directions and you can find happiness in each of them. To get the ideal life, all you have to do is stop thinking and realize there is not a perfect plan in the world.

4. Understand your problems:

After realizing what you want in the future, the next step is to understand what your problems are. You can do this by questioning yourself. Put a question on your every problem, try to understand why are they a problem and you will automatically get a solution to the problems.

5. Ponder:

The main problem that arises while applying design thinking in your life is that you do not have a destination. You have an idea that you want to go somewhere, but you do not know how to go. You can solve this while you ponder the question. You may find some probabilities on how to find your path.

6. Keep experimenting:

When you find some possibilities, you will understand what idea is best to go with. The final step is to jump on and take a risk. You will do better while you will keep experimenting and one day you will get your success.

These are the tips to use design thinking to create a happy lifestyle design for yourself. If you find them useful, you can try them for the betterment of your life.

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