How Does Web Hosting Provider Affect Your Online Business?

Web Hosting Provider Affect Your Online Business

The main reason behind this is that your website is the nonstop business card for your customers around the world. In case your site goes down or offline, your business suffers as well as you lose potential customers. It’s that easy and understandable. Selecting the best web hosting service provider is very crucial and important process and you need to do careful consideration while performing this process.

At the time of accomplishing this process you should not forget the old Chinese proverb, ‘you only get what you pay for”. After doing careful consideration with regards to pricing, specific needs of your site and features you are looking for as well as budget, the next step you need to follow is to choose the best suitable hosting service provider.

Few Things to Take into Account Before Choosing a Best Web Hosting Service

As is consistently the situation, the hidden details are the major problem, which means you should follow necessary precautions. Do not expect anything from anyone. The main reason behind this is that most of the hosting service providers will be offering almost the same packages. Exploring through the puzzle of the features and attributes of hosting package means you should settle down with absolute attention to detail of the package offered by web host. Thus, the purpose of this article is simple, look at the details and find the right mix between price and benefits of hosting package. Here in this article we are going to share some factors you need to take into account while choosing a website hosting service provider:

  • Compatibility of Hosting Service: Different best web hosting companies come along with different areas of skills and capabilities. Look carefully for the areas of expertise if the web host. Therefore, make a list of the perfectly appropriate features for your specific needs. In case you are planning to start an eCommerce site or online store with online payment option, large images and high quality product videos then low cost hosting package with fewer features will be a total waste for you.
  • Reliability of Service: Never ever opt a web host service with an uptime of less than 99.95%. The issue is that many hosting companies’ claims to offer an uptime above 99% but hardly deliver it. So it is recommended to do an attentive research on the uptime of web host.

In case you choose a less reliable hosting service for your website it will cause you huge lose in sales, clients as well as lower rank in search engines like Google and Bing.

Cost: Even though cost is the first point one need to consider while looking for a hosting service, but it is not as important as the points mentioned above. It is pointless to choose an inexpensive hosting service if it is not reliable. Compare the cost of hosting with features included prior deciding the hosting provider for your website.

Give special attention to the sign up cost, renewal charges, up-gradation fees, as well as maintenance charges. At the time of sign up hosting providers offer huge discounts but when it comes time to renew your account, they increase the cost 2 or 3 times more. An unexpected increase like this is going to hit you too tough until you are ready to migrate your site to a new host.

  • Customer Support Service: Customer support service is directly relate to the reliability of service offered by a web host. There come few situations you face technical troubles and you need someone to help you out as soon as possible. Therefore 24/7 availability of customer support service is a must. Check the customer support offered by host by calling them directly on their contact number or through live chat and ask them a few questions to check their knowledge about the product.
  • Security and Backup Options: As technology is growing day by day at a fast pace, the hackers, online attacks and web threats are too increasing. Therefore you should carefully check the security options offered by hosting company to prevent online attacks on your site. Along with the online threats, hardware failures can lead to loss of important data of your business. Know the backup plan of web host before settling on any decision.
  • Extra Features: In case you website is not able to handle the visitors you are getting on it; in that situation you need to upgrade your current plan. Consider the upgradation options available with the hosting provider.  Also check how easy it is to upgrade from shared hosting plan to VPS or Cloud hosting solution. Also have a look at the add on features such as domains, add-on domains, sub-domain, emails etc.
  • Money Back Guarantee: There should be a guarantee of money back with the hosting services offered by the company. So that in case you feel uncomfortable with them can ask for money back or refund. The longer duration of money back is always better. Top hosting players such as InMotion Hosting offer 90 days money back, Bluehost, Hostinger and SiteGround offers 30 days money back guarantee with their hosting services.
  • Software and Hardware specificities: It is very crucial that you understand what sort of servers your web host is using to host your website. Make sure the hosting company is using high quality and trusted hardware. Furthermore there are few tasks that as a hosting account owner, you will need to perform on your own, for example setting up an email account. Figure out which framework your web host is using to deal with these features. You do not always have to call the customer service team to perform such type of small tasks.


The main reason behind having best of best infrastructure setup is to encourage smooth online business activities. When you set up everything successfully, do an evaluation of your upcoming prerequisites, and do your research, picking the correct web facilitating administration isn’t a lot of an issue. Selecting an ideal and best quality web hosting service providers for your business is not that big issue.

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Neha Kumari is the Web Hosting Researcher/Reviewer for Updated Reviews. Throughout her career, she has written about web hosting, cloud technology, web server, website security, SEO, digital marketing services. With around 6+ years of experience in the hosting & server niche, Neha utilizes her expertise and knowledge to stay readers and users up to date on the most recent web hosting trends, technologies and evolution.

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