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Guide to getting epilation and laser hair removal in Montreal

Written by Pradeep Kumar

For those who do not know, epilation and laser hair removal are two main ways of getting rid of excessive or unwanted hair. But for those who aren’t sure which process is better suited for them, we’ve tried to offer a brief guide stating the pros and cons of each. So, let’s get started!

What is epilation?

Epilation is the process of removal of unwanted hair by epilators. It is a round rotating set of mechanical tweezers that effectively removes the hair from the roots. The process significantly slows hair regrowth and hence, is widely used by women around the globe. It is a better alternative than removing hair one by one with tweezers.

Does epilation hurt? Is it painful?

For those not sure which treatment to go for – epilation or laser in Montreal, epilation works quite well. It works with the same effectiveness as tweezers, thereby removing the hair from the dermis. Unlike shaving, which removes the hair from the epidermis, you wouldn’t have to opt for the epilator as often as someone needs to shave.
As for the pain quotient, epilation does hurt! The discomfort varies depending on the area you’re removing the hair from. So, when you use the epilator on sensitive areas like the armpits, bikini line, or even the arms, it can be a bit painful. However, the good news is that over time, you’d get used to it, as you do in case of waxing. That said, some people tolerate pain better than others.

What is laser treatment?

The laser treatment for hair removal works in a much different way than normal epilation. For those looking for a difference in treatments – epilation and laser in Montreal, the latter gets rid of the excess or unwanted hair by damaging the hair, and isn’t usually suitable for women with red or grey hair.
While earlier laser hair removal was only applicable for women with fair skin and dark hair, the technology has much evolved in the last many years. These days, it delivers effective results on a much wider range of hair colors and skin tones. However, it’s still not applicable for women with very fair skin tone or red and grey hair colors.

Which one’s a better treatment between epilation and laser in Montreal?

  • Laser treatment is mostly painless. About 90% of women who opt for laser hair removal do not report any pain. However, there are some who’ve reported a prickling or tingling sensation – a quite tolerable discomfort when compared to using the epilation treatment of hair removal.
  • That said, almost anyone can opt for epilation, which makes it a preferred choice of hair removal technique for many. However, laser treatment is preferred by women who seek a more long-term solution, provided their skin tone and hair color allow it.
  • Lastly, epilation is a fairly pocket-friendly solution, though it doesn’t offer a long-term solution as laser treatment. The laser hair removal costs significantly more than epilation, it still has many takers, chiefly because of it being a long-term solution, and because it is not overly pricey and is rather quite cost-effective.

Key takeaway

When it comes to making a decision about whether to opt for epilation or laser treatment for unwanted hair removal, there are pros and cons to both methods. So, opt for the treatment that best suits your needs and seems more cost-effective to you. While one is applicable for all, the other is limit to a few people only, depending on their skin and hair type. While one is quite a cheap solution, the other is a little pricier. But being priced a little higher, the latter offers a more long-lasting and painless solution. So, talk to your doctor and find out if you can go for laser hair removal. If not, you would have to settle for epilation.

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