Guest Post Submission

Thank you for your interest!
Friends, I have created a page guest post submission for you where you can easily give your article to be published on the website.
But there are some rules for you, please do read it and give it to post only after reading it.

Terms and condition for guest post submission:-

  • Article must be 1000+.
  • Provide meta description.
  • Provide meta keyword.
  • Please optimize article according to SEO.
  • Maintain heading and subheading.
  • Please don’t submit duplicate or rewrite article.
  • Article category only Technical.
  • I’m not accepted casino, CBD and gambling type post.
  • Only one do follow link allow in bottom paragraph.

If you have given your article according to all the above points, then it will go live on the website in 24 hours.

Guest Post Submission

How to submit a guest post?

If you want to publish a guest post, then you should write your article according to the rules and submit the form.

What is the reasons for cancellation of article?

when you are provide rewrite article/duplicate. Or if you are not optimize article according to SEO.

How I contact admin?

It is very easy, you can do direct mail( or chat and other facilities are available.