Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

Suffice to say that desktop PCs are one of the most commonly used inventions for official and domestic transactions. Every computer needs an operating system for hassle-free operations such as Microsoft windows. Microsoft releases several versions of their OS and the latest OS they release like windows 10. Currently, it is now the most common windows which are used for business and domestic operations.

However, if you are also desperate to learn more about amazing facts of Windows 10 then you are the right spot. Take a look below to unveil amazing facts about Windows 10 speedily.

1. Free Activation

When it comes to activating windows it is crucial to look for a cost-effective solution. Fortunately, there are few amazing tricks to activate windows 10 with or without a license key. The activation or the license of windows 10 is much expensive for users world wide. There’s a bit of a difficult way to learn to enable windows 10 without using a product key. First of all, open run and type SLUI. Windows will open and type one of the below codes in the opened window and then press enter.

  • Windows 10 Home Key: AKJUS-WY2CT-JWBJ2-T68TQ-YBH2V
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Key: AKSIU-WY2CT-JWBJ2-T68TQ-YBH2V
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Key: ALSOI-MHBT6-FXBX8-QWJK7-DRR8H
  • Windows 10 Pro Education Key: ALSOI-4C88C-JK8YV-HQ7T2-76DF9

Just restart the system and enjoy different updated features of this version in a hassle-free manner.

2.  Interactive Start Menu

In the previous version of windows, a user can modify their start menu option. They introduced tabular format which was stylish but not user-friendly. Microsoft finally returns to its previous styles of start menu with a regular list of installed and built-in programs. A search option is available where users can find any of their apps. This search option can also work as a run option. There are most commonly used apps on the menu where users can easily get access to their favorite programs.

3. Cortana

No one can deny the importance of voice searches in desktop and mobile devices. Microsoft just adds this function in windows 10 to revitalize the experience of users with voice search facility. Microsoft introduces its new feature named Cortana with voice search features to make the search process easier for users.

Cortana is the voice-controlled digital assistant that allows users to interact with the system without lifting a finger. It saves a great deal of time and vitality. This assistant will help users whether they are at work or at home. While working on different software this feature will remind the user of the to-do list.

4. Xbox App

In today’s modern era, there is an impressive market of gaming. New games are developed with an increased rate of interest. Initially many companies just release their games on Xbox and PlayStation. Many of the gamers want to play the game immediately after their release. Microsoft introduces an Xbox app for computer users that allow users to get amazed by the high-quality gaming experience.

This application will allow the user to play any Xbox One game on desktop computers with better graphics and improved speed. It will allow the user to play the game whether at the office or home without any hassle.

5. Improved Multitasking

Previously Microsoft introduced multitasking with different features that users can set two to three programs on their screen and can do their work. But it creates problems for those who have visibility issues. Now they come with new features in multi-tasking that enable the user to create different desktops at one time.

Moreover. users can name them according to their need for work and can move around several desktops. Microsoft introduces these features for programmers as they needed this type of multitasking for quick project accomplishment.

6. Continuum

In the present time modifications in desktop computers are a common thing. The transformation of desktop PCs to laptops and tablets helps the users to accomplish their goals in a hassle-free manner. Microsoft has designed Windows 10 in a way that can be viewed in all types of devices perfectly. They included features in windows 10 that will identify whether mouse and keyboard are connected to the device or not. Windows identify these input devices to whether it has to switch in tablet form or not.

Microsoft wants to make it cooler to switch amongst either mode with the rise of hybrid laptop-tablet devices. Whenever windows will identify the removal of mouse and keyboard, a notification will rise from the taskbar at the bottom asking if you want to activate the tablet mode.

7. Action Center

This is one of the noticeable changes which Microsoft made with the change of mobile features. Mobiles users can get an option of notifications until they are opened or cleared from there. This same type of option can be seen in windows 10. In the right corner, the user can see the option of an activity center. All of the notifications are stored there with date and time. Small shortcut tabs are also available for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, settings and much more.

If there will be a notification or any error in the system, there will be several types of short icons present on the box of action center. This is one of the useful features that is introduced by Microsoft for maximum user engagement.

8. Speedy Internet Browser

In previous versions, there were numerous complaints regarding their official browser such as internet explorer. Microsoft finally introduces its new official browser called Microsoft Edge. This fresh browser is a lot quicker to utilize. Besides browsing, there are few more features in this software. Without the need to install any PDF viewer, the user can view their PDF files in Microsoft Edge.

A reading mode and new note-taking features are added to the new browser. Now, this is one of the best browsers to use in windows 10.

In the end, it could be concluded now that Microsoft windows 10 would revitalize the user’s experience. Whether you want to experience better graphics or you want to speed up your logo design services operations, you can use windows 10 to make the most of it.

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