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Everything you need to know about food handling certification

Everything you need to know about food handling certification
Written by Pradeep Kumar

In Canada, it is estimate that millions of people are employee in one way or the other in the food handling, food preparing, food cooking and food serving business. There are many food establishments in Canada and it is very important for all food businesses and food establishments to ensure that all of their workers have a food handlers certificate in today’s day and age. The food handle certificate is a recognition that all the professionals in their business have been trained in the best practices of food handling which is something that augurs well for the professional image of each and every business.

What is the purpose of a food handlers certificate?

A food handlers certificate is very important because food-borne illnesses can prove to be quite serious and they can result in hospitalization and sometimes even death.

Just in Canada, there are estimates that say that around 4 million people suffer from food-borne illnesses on a daily basis which lead to more than 12,000 hospitalizations and around 300 deaths.

Why is it imperative upon all food businesses to ensure their professionals have a food handlers certificate?

That’s why it is increasingly imperative for all food businesses and food establishments to have a standard in place like the food handlers certificate which can help in substantially reducing the number of food-borne illnesses.

A food handlers certificate is important for anyone who needs to serve, store and prepare food. Professionals need to go through food safety training to earn their food handlers certificate and this training covers all aspects of working in the food business, right from food safety to personal hygiene to cleaning and sanitation to cross-contamination and also allergens. In addition to all of the things that have already been mention, a food handlers certificate also helps professionals in learning about different risk management issues and all the different practices for food safety.

Who is required to have the food handlers certificate?

Not all areas in Canada require professionals in food establishments and food businesses to have certifications. You can easily check if your business requires workers to have a food handlers certificate by checking up a government database online called the Canadian Institute. Regardless of the requirements of your state and area, it is very important to ensure that all of your employees have a food handlers certificate, because it will help your business in becoming a lot more credible in the eyes of the people which augurs well for the business.

How can you get certified?

The Canadian Institute of Food Safety provides educational resources, materials and programs to help attract and develop a very strong industry workforce. They have designed a certification program that covers all aspects of food safety and the knowledge relating to contamination and cross-contamination along with cleaning, sanitization and personal hygiene. Professionals who need to earn the food handling certificate, must not only complete the food training course but they must all pass an exam that is put in place by the Canadian Institute of Food Safety!

 For all professionals who intend to make a career in the food industry and advance in their career, it is a must for them to learn about proper food handling procedures and techniques. If and when professionals go through the food safety training and earn the food handlers certificate, it will help them in their chances of getting a lot more employment opportunities in the food business. It is easier than ever for professionals and aspiring-professionals in the food business to get certified today, all the resources are there and they just need to make use of the resources.

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