What should you know about an environmental project manager?

Written by Christina Jones

We are usually getting news regarding climate change and the world falling behind on taking care of it. The unfortunate scenarios of the glaciers melting and the animals becoming endangered because of it are heart-breaking. As humans, we have some power over the environment but that does not qualify enough to save it. 

What is environmental project management? 

As human beings hosting the Earth, one needs to put effort and set up a way to save it. Environmental project management is one such thing that helps us find out the best ways to create impact. The change can come from somewhere as small as a school get-together to a huge company putting efforts into it. 

While the changes cannot bring out a major effect overnight, but that does not mean one should not keep trying. The goal is to at least start making a positive change in the environment. Hence many people, companies, and organizations have started to channel their teams for positive and effective environmental project management

What does a project manager do? 

As environmental project managers, their work becomes extremely varied. They have to maintain a worksheet, plan, blueprint, and ideas that would create an effective change. Not only that they have to accumulate a team that would work with them hand in hand. The team needs to have the same morals as the manager and should be dedicated to producing good results to see the change. 

Ideally, many companies have their goals set, for example, planting 10 million trees by a given deadline. That is the start of environmental project management. This also includes cleaning recycling water. Even the government produces ideas that are dedicated to cleaning the rivers and prevent further contamination. 

What makes successful project management? 

The environment is always changing and in recent times the change is getting more drastic than usual. It is getting eerily scary as well. To reduce the change into getting into a scary place, environmental project management needs to be successful. Some of the ideas that have been proven to work well in the past are as follows: 


As a team working under environmental project management, you need to find out members who are equally enthusiastic about bringing change to the environment. 


Manager you cannot keep intervening in every idea that they get. You need to trust them and give them space to safely bring their ideas. 

Support and encouragement

When they bring their ideas to the table, you need to support them instead of making them feel you are the boss. If the idea does not happen to be good, instead of criticizing them, talk about how they can make it better. 


As a manager, people already see you as an authority. Hence you need to keep the morale up by making them feel equals, heading to the same goal. Keep things humorous for laughter is the best medicine. 

Conflict management

Before you start environmental project management, you need to know that as a team, there will be some conflict. But as a manager, it is your duty to find a common ground and solve issues. 

Spaces for opinions

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and when it comes to something as sensitive as the environment, people have views. These views may differ in extremes and as a manager; you should have a grip and encourage debates to promote better ideas. 

Brain storming

Any kind of project management cannot be done without brain storming. As a manager, you will need to build the interest to put their brains together. This should be done especially when the team is not getting along. 

Small steps

If you want to encourage your team to have good results, then they need to keep practicing. You can do this by giving them small tasks everyday that will eventually lead towards a bigger goal. 


It is never too late to do something good. Many people are getting woke to this idea of environmental change. They are working towards creating and building better environmental project management for the betterment of the globe.

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