Importance of eCommerce consulting firms for businesses

Importance of eCommerce consulting firms for businesses
Written by Pradeep Kumar

The world is well aware of the success stories of billion-dollar eCommerce companies such as Amazon and Alibaba, but what nobody talks about are the thousands of glaring failures in every part of the world. Studies have revealed that about 80% of eCommerce businesses fail to pick up momentum and continue being one of the many also-rans. But, have you wondered why that’s so? Well, it mainly stems from the fact that there are very few markets as volatile as the eCommerce domain(eCommerce strategy consulting San Francisco). The market is rapidly evolving and what’s trending these days may well be gone tomorrow. So every business must adapt to make it count.

The role of eCommerce consulting firms in San Francisco

Believe it or not, but Amazon commands about 44% of all the eCommerce revenue on the internet. While it’s true that many third-party sellers claim a hefty portion of Amazon’s chunk of revenue, it also shows that there’s a fair bit of room in the eCommerce business for others to shine. This is where eCommerce strategy consulting in San Francisco comes in handy.

Although there’s a fair bit of opportunity for small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses, without a sound marketing strategy and support, businesses often fail to identify and target the right audience. This is why the eCommerce market has turned out to be the graveyard for many small businesses in the last decade alone.

When businesses team up with the right professional eCommerce consulting company, they benefit from the latter’s immense experience and know-how. Such firms bridge the gap between business enterprises, their products, and the consumers or the target audience. That is not all! Consulting firms come up with specialized methods to better market products and help in creating a robust eCommerce platform that delivers.

So, what do you make up of firms dealing in eCommerce strategy consulting in San Francisco? Well, think of them as companies that can fire up your eCommerce growth engine – effectively helping you in heightening sales, refining campaigns, and bringing about success through well-designed and thorough operational processes.

What does eCommerce strategy consulting in San Francisco do?

Initiate the right marketing:

The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux. With new platforms, marketing tactics, and channels cropping up from time to time, it’s hard to keep track of things and plan a growth chart. A reputable eCommerce consulting team can help you define your goals, recognise the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, and offer you tips on how to utilise SEO, social media, and PPC to heighten your ROI.

Analyse results from a marketing perspective:

The study of consumer behaviour is one of the key ways of making it count, particularly in the eCommerce business. The fact that there’s absolutely no face-to-face interaction is one of the primary reason’s why details such as which campaigns are yielding good results and which channel is leading to maximum traffic, are necessary to get success in the business. Having the right tools in your arsenal can help you make key business decisions that can bring about the necessary impact on your business bottom line.

Improve the sales funnel:

Let’s face it, sales funnels are an easy way of coming up with a results-driven output. They help in knowing more about conversion rates, KPIs, and average order value. The fact that they can be set up in an existing eCommerce site is what makes them all the more popular. When you team up with a professional and reliable consulting firm, they can either offer you pre-built sales funnels or offer tailor-made funnels that are custom-made, based on your business requirements.

Timely guidance on strategic issues:

A consulting company may not always know what’s going on at the ground level of your eCommerce business, but with tons of expertise under their belt, they’ve usually seen enough failures to tell you what’s not going to work in your favour. Such a firm would be able to guide you on whether your business is struggling due to severe competition, poor brand positioning, or weak value proposition, and course-correct your business journey.

Key takeaway

Companies dealing in eCommerce strategy consulting in San Francisco may not have enough ground experience, but they are trained to notice changes in the wind. Their expertise allows them to anticipate challenges and help companies better adapt to the changing scenario. They think outside the box and can see lucrative possibilities that you might not even know about. Think smart! Hire a reliable consulting firm to give your business the boost it deserves.

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