Doors and Windows: Types of Materials & Mechanisms

Doors and Windows: Types of Materials & Mechanisms
Written by Christina Jones

Every home is a unique representation of a homeowner’s taste, preference, and expression. And doors and windows are the elements that enhance the beauty of a home significantly. Although most homeowners believe that doors and windows are simply meant to provide privacy and security to their homes, in reality, their functions are much more than that. They define the living spaces, reduce noise, and instill a style within a property. However, choosing the right door and window material is really important to fulfill your household requirements.

Doors and windows are manufactured using different kinds of materials and knowing the types of door or window materials can help you pick the best one for your home. Usually, doors and windows are made from materials such as wood, steel, iron, aluminum, PVC, uPVC, and glass. However, you will find mostly find installations of uPVC doors and PVC windows in Northern Ireland homes.

Furthermore, doors and windows can also be classified on the basis of their mechanisms. To name a few, sliding, composite, bifold, and French doors and windows are some of the most popular ones. Here in this blog, we have outlined some of the most popular types of doors and windows based on materials and mechanisms that can help you make an ideal choice!

Types of Doors and Windows Based on Materials


Wood spots the first position when it comes to choosing a door or window material. It’s a widely popular choice for its classic and conventional aesthetic appeal. And more so for entrance doors in Northern Ireland! A wooden door is customizable in terms of cuts, designs, and colors.

They can be personalized according to a home’s functional and aesthetic requirements. You may even add glass panels or other visually appealing elements to your home’s wooden doors to make them antique doors. The best advantages of installing wooden doors are that they are tough, provide heightened security, and feature insulating & soundproofing properties.


Aluminum is another popular choice of door or window materials in recent times. It is useful for both internal and external door fittings. The attributes that make aluminum doors and windows so popular are their light weight, affordability, durability, and strength. However, since they are lightweight, they are rarely used for manufacturing entrance doors that require immense strength and toughness.


Due to their multiple functions and outstanding advantages, uPVC or PVC doors and windows have become the recent favorites of homeowners in Northern Ireland. They are available in a varied range of designs and styles that can match any home interior. Besides, they offer several benefits like high thermal efficiency, durability, affordability, security, and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Thus, if you want to add sleek aesthetics with optimal security to your home, consider installing uPVC doors or PVC windows in Northern Ireland.  

Types of Doors and Windows Based on Mechanism

Sliding Doors and Windows

These modern-day doors and windows add enhanced beauty to every living space. These doors and windows feature single frames comprising two-panel sections that are horizontally placed. And due to this horizontal mechanism, sliding doors or windows open parallel to the wall. They are also known as patio doors and windows, commonly used in the living rooms to get a clear, unobstructed view of the outside or installed on the back side of a property as a gateway between the living area and patio or deck.

Composite Doors and Windows

Based on the modernistic door and window technology, composite doors and windows are great alternatives to wooden, metal, and PVC doors and windows. It’s not a by-product of a single material; rather it is manufactured using an amalgamation of different materials such as timber, uPVC, glass reinforced plastic, and muffled foam. These doors and windows come in a wide range of colors such as green, black, cream, dark blue, etc. Amongst all these color options, green composite doors are in trend these days.

French Doors and Windows

These classic doors and windows add elegance and sophistication to a property. Composed of glass panes, these doors and windows are mainly used in the living areas of a home to allow plenty of sunlight into the rooms. French doors feature two sections, opening inward. Both the sections can be opened together or one section at a time. So, if you want a door or window option to make your home’s living area look spacious and elegant, without enclosing extra space, consider installing French doors.

Bottom Line

The fenestration market is filled with different varieties of door and window styles, designs, and colors. Choosing the right door or window product involves several considerable factors to keep in mind. So, whether you choose green composite doors or PVC windows in Northern Ireland, think about the security, functionality, aesthetics, and budget before making the final decision.

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