4 Digital Marketing Trends Every Top San Francisco Creative Agency is Following in 2021

Digital Marketing

The COVID19 pandemic forced many businesses to have premature “digital transformations.” Businesses that already had pre-existing digital sales and marketing strategies had to adjust their plans. Now, in the post-pandemic world of business, digital marketing has become more important than ever.

A recent Forbes study involving the world’s leading Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) revealed that –

  • 80% of all marketing budgets in the US were spent on digital marketing tactics in 2020.
  • 74% of the surveyed CMOs said they expect to spend more on digital advertising in 2021 and beyond.

Hence, digital marketers can expect a lot of competition and innovation in the post-pandemic world. They also need to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends currently dominating the market. 

Here are four vital digital marketing trends that businesses must use in 2021 to create detailed development roadmaps –

1. The Rising Importance of Intuitive Web Design 

Intuitive Web Design refers to the process of making all digital interactions on websites simple and intuitive. Unlike old-school websites, websites with intuitive designs can anticipate the needs of users. Based on these anticipations, the websites provide instant accessibility and customized user experiences.

Here are some critical aspects of Intuitive Web Design all businesses should integrate into their own commercial websites –

  • Audience Focused Web Design: The more in-depth knowledge you have about your target audiences, the more intuitive website interfaces you can create. So, businesses must set up proper customer data collection platforms.
  • Well-Planned, Permanent Designs: Well-planned web designs are vital in this day and age. It’s impossible for modern-day site administrators to manually correct navigation errors, delete irrelevant site features, etc. By the time site admins complete these task, a lot of time can be lost. That’s why creating a permanent, properly planned web design is always the better option.
  • User-Centric Designs: Website interface must be customize to match the company’s target audience profiles. Its design should address the immediate needs of target customers.

The more intuitive and customer-focused your website’s interface design, the better online customer experiences you can provide. Some other advantages of investing in intuitive web design include –

  • Intuitive interfaces contribute to positive user experiences which attract newer customers and sales boosts.
  • Intuitive websites have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates than normal websites.
  • Well-planned intuitive web designs also require minimal interface support. When done well, an intuitive website will cost you much less than a traditional website in the long run.
  • Customer support requests are much less frequent when users have no difficulties navigating the intuitive website.

These are the reasons why every top San Francisco Creative Agency is currently offering intuitive web design services. 

2. Web and SEO Maintenance

Companies that have partnerships with professional web development teams benefit from regular SEO and site maintenance services. Third-party website maintenance experts always update website plugins, security features, and SEO strategies. These steps are vital because –

  • The relevance and importance of keywords change all the time.
  • If SEO plans are not monitor and update constantly, they start returning depreciating amounts of traffic every month.
  • Competitors change the keywords they use on their websites. They may even copy the keywords on your website and divert your target audiences.
  • Unmaintained websites often have broken links. Google’s search engine algorithms give websites with broken or unresponsive links poor ratings.  

These are the reasons why digital marketers must prioritize SEO and site maintenance in 2021.

3. Data-Driven Content

High-quality website content is still extremely important in 2021. But, if your blogs or articles aren’t customer-centric, they’ll fail to receive engagement. That’s why digital marketers are leveraging the power of data in 2021 to drive their content marketing strategies.

  • Top marketers are conducting market research to identify the specific pain points of their target customers.
  • Metrics-driven content creation strategies lead to guaranteed increases in engagement.
  • When target audiences spend more time accessing your website content, leading them through the sales funnel becomes easier.

These are the key reasons why websites must focus on creating content that’s specifically designed for their target audiences.

4. Invest in CRM Systems

Modern-day Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are highly sophisticate tools with multi-channel functionalities. But, these systems must be used by digital market in 2021 to – 

  • Schedule posts, so that target audiences are always up-to-date with company activities.
  • Engage with all target customers directly via the CRM system. 
  • Monitor target audience conversations regarding your products/services on public platforms.
  • Use the insights gathered by the CRM system to create relevant content.

The quality of customer interactions on digital platforms will matter more than ever in 2021. Businesses that stay on top of these exciting digital marketing trends will enjoy the most success!

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