A community for web creators to grow and get inspired

A community for web creators to grow and get inspired

There has been a great change in soft technology and web growth in the last two decades.  It was not long before the internet was not accessible to everyone with the ease we enjoy today. With a growth in web users there has been an exponential growth in websites for various purposes from blogging to developing online market platforms. There are almost no jobs or services in the world which cannot benefit from creating web sites or creating content on the web. However, the process of creating web content, managing and monetizing your own website can be a hard task especially when you have not been a technical person. Hiring a technical person who does all this for you can also be a hefty task and you would have to know all the functioning any way to manage it. Keeping that in mind google has decided to help with that. The variety of services google provides is appreciable and now there is one more in the list.

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Google has launched Web Creators to provide guidance on use of tools and other informational support to people who make content for the web. Web creators are people who place their content on the web including bloggers, photographers with websites, artists with portfolios, journalists and so many more. Although creators of the web have different areas of expertise, they can learn a lot from each other. 

Web creator community specifically provides guidance to the users on use of Google tools, running profiles on content creators, along with some other tips and tricks. For now, users can check them out on their YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter to start to learn more. 

In the upcoming months developers of web creators will be sharing a variety of ideas and guidance to help people who are already creating content on the web and for those who are planning to get started. It will include:

  • Directions to use tools from Google and others to create web content.
  • Profiles of members of the web creator community who are already creating amazing content.
  • Tips and tricks to create successful web content.

In the beginning, Google web creators will be featuring creators such as  Hetal Vasavada, a food and travel blogger, and a MasterChef, Abby Mills, a vintage fashion who also blogs on lifestyle, and Cole Gaffney a cookbook author with her own web site to share recipes. They will also be featuring over 20 different web creators who inspire other creators on the new Twitter handle of Google web creators, @webcreators.  Google will also be launching interactive forums to build the community and answer the questions of the users directly. Web users should check out their YouTube Channel to start learning and get an idea about the community.

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