5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Brewing Coffee

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Brewing Coffee
Written by Pradeep Kumar

It is a common ritual of almost every household to brew a jar of coffee every morning. Despite brewing coffee every day, it becomes tough to nail that perfect cup of coffee that is just perfect in every sense.

No matter which coffee brand we choose, getting that perfect taste of coffee seems just impossible, right? Coffee trader sell coffee bean and we pick the brand keeping in mind different aspects and our preference still brewing coffee requires more than just that.

Well, today we are here to discuss the common coffee brewing mistakes that we often make while making coffee. We might not even realize it but a simple mistake can significantly alter the taste of your brewed coffee.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some mistakes and see how you can avoid them the next time.

1.    Keeping your coffee beans/grinds in the freezer

You may have some leftover coffee grind or coffee beans which you don’t want to go stale, what do you do with them? Store it in the freezer? That’s the worst thing you can do.

Storage of coffee grinds or coffee beans must be done properly otherwise the next time you brew it, the entire taste of the brew will be messed up. The best way to keep and store coffee grinds or coffee beans is in a cool dry place.

Leaving in the freezer will take away the freshness of the coffee and will let in unwanted moisture in it. So, the next time if you have any leftover beans or grind make sure to store in a dry jar and seal it properly to avoid any moisture.

2.   Using tap water and just any kind of water

The reason why your coffee brew fails to get that perfect taste might be because of the water you use to make coffee. Yes, the kind of water you use to brew coffee matters a lot.

Tap water should not be used to brew coffee. Why? Simply because tap water contains chemicals and minerals that might alter the taste of the coffee. Instead, it is recommended to use filtered or bottled water for brewing coffee.

Aside from the type of water used, the temperature of water also affects the brewing of coffee. According to experts, the ideal water temperature to brew a perfect cup of coffee should be between 91-94 C.

So, the next time you brew your coffee make sure to pay attention to the water you use.

3.   Not investing on fresh whole coffee beans

Buying coffee beans from your local grocery store won’t give you a perfectly brewed coffee. That’s a fact. If you want quality taste from your coffee brew then you must follow some guidance from a barista.

They can definitely help you out in picking fresh whole coffee beans. Coffee should be purchased and consumed just like any other perishable item such as milk.

Since coffee doesn’t have a long shelf life and the longer it stays on the shelf, the more rapidly it loses its core taste and flavour.

4.   Not adjusting the coffee grind

All brewing techniques are not the same and to nail the right consistency for an ideal brew is the key to make perfect coffee. Immersion process such as the French press method demands a distinct grind rather than a pour over or an espresso.

Some other methods need coarser grind if the water is in contact with coffee for a longer time. Grinding your coffee in a similar size for all brewing methods will not do justice for getting the perfect coffee.

You need to ensure the coffee grind size and the brewing method is in sync to get the perfect coffee brew.

5.   Not following any recipe

How can you get a perfect brew if you don’t follow any recipe? Brewing coffee, the ideal way requires the ideal recipe and not following any will only get you flavourless coffee brew. So, the next time you brew coffee make sure to keep a recipe handy to refer and use.

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