Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Home: Blinds vs Curtains

Written by Pradeep Kumar

Among several other things for your home decor, the right kind of window treatments matters a lot as well. With the use of the right window treatments, you set the suitable tone for your room and also include privacy, light control to the room.

Curtains and Blinds are two varied window treatments that customers get to choose from. While blinds are usually made-to-measure according to size of the window, curtains are made of fabric that is installed vertically from a rod.

There are several types of curtains and blinds available such as zebra blinds Perth, sheer curtains, etc. But whether to choose curtains or blinds, is the real challenge that homeowners have to overcome.

The choice of window treatments for your home can be based on various factors, for instance, preference, requirement, overall decor of the room and more. Nevertheless, the two varied window treatments have some distinctive features to offer.

Find out about them down below and choose which window treatment is ideal for your home.

Blinds are a cost-effective option

Well, even if you can find distinctive curtains at a cheap price, the overall price of blinds is less in comparison to curtains. Blinds require less time and material for manufacturing.

Additionally, it is easier to install as well. Approximately around 20 minutes, a professional can fix up a blind for the window treatment in your room. If we estimate the price for blind installation it can take $43-$94 for each window fix.

The cost can further come down if you go for plastic made blinds. Curtains, on the other hand, are pricier than blinds. They can cost you approximately from $50 to $250 for each window.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget set for window treatments in your home then we recommend you to go for blinds.

Blinds are easy to maintain and clean

The design structure of blinds is easy to maintain. The slick and hard surface of the blinds are conveniently accessible and dusting them using a microfiber cloth will clean them properly.

If you want to clean the blinds from both sides then simply close the slats and clean them top to bottom on one side and turn them 180 degrees to clean the other side. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust away.

The stains can also be easily removed. Whereas curtains require a bit of an extra effort.

Blinds provide multiple light control options

The blinds have slats which are either placed horizontally or vertically. This enables you to get access to the light control in two ways. The horizontally placed slats, which are generally Venetian blinds, let you lift and lower the blinds by pulling the cord found on top.

For vertical blinds, you can move the slats from one side to the other easily. With the twist of the tilt wand, you can further control the light. Just rotate it as per your preference and the slats will change angle to give you better light control.

Curtains offer better design possibilities

Since curtains are often available as made-to-measure, customers can get several design possibilities. You can choose different fabric material and other custom options to personalize the design.

Curtains can also be DIY-friendly and can be manufactured if you are pro handling the sewing machine.

Curtains have better insulation

The choice of fabric is available when it comes to choosing curtains. The thicker fabric material like velvet can be chosen for curtains.

These fabric materials offer better insulation to your room. If you need warmth and to prevent a cool breeze from entering your room then go for curtains instead of blinds.


As per your needs and personal preference, the right type of window treatment can be chosen for your home. Both curtains and blinds offer equally beneficial properties.

It completely depends on you which one you choose to go for.

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