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Pay A Visit to Botanical Wonders of Guelph

Pay A Visit to Botanical Wonders of Guelph
Written by Pradeep Kumar

A botanical gardens is a happy place. Wherever you may travel, you are bound by the beauty of natural landscapes and surroundings. Undoubtedly, you cannot deny nature’s call and how beautiful it is to look at several species of plants, trees and flowers right?
In terms of exploring Canada, you set for an exploring adventure that is bliss for sour eyes. Famous for Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Suburbs and much more, there’s a lot to take in. and obviously, it is hard to decide where to travel or what sort of unique experience you want.

In a city like Guelph, you will get astounding views of succulent plants and herbs at various locations

This southwestern beauty of Ontario has its fair share of gems hidden in the shell. Just a 100km away from Toronto is the younger sibling to Ontario’s capital, Guelph. Blessed with cold winters and warm humid summers, it is home Great Lake shorelines and rivers like Speed River and Eramosa River. And how can one forget the beautiful gardens found here?

It’s easy to reach such gardens via riding on limo service in Guelph and reach the gardens in quick turnaround time. Travel from Toronto to Guelph in a comfortable ride is going to make a top of the things-to-do list this year.

Botanical gardens are a wonder!

With the dedicated collection of thousands of species of flora, it’s a wonder everyone is curious to see. So once you are on your trip to Guelph, makes sure to visit the three wonderful gardens and experience an array of cultivation, preservations and variety of displays in;

Royal Botanical Gardens

It seems to be the largest of its kinds, Royal Botanical Gardens is one of a kind of combination of various gardens. With the most diverse collection of plant species, it’s a true wonder. For instance, if you take a ride to Arboretum, you can count up to 600 species of shrubs, dogwoods, redubs etc. which makes up every penny worth spending.

It’s a perfect blend for every season, and you can even take your dog for a walk here! Now that is pretty exciting. It is a heritage site on its own, with numerous rose bushes, indoor Mediterranean gardens and more. If you are a native, you have a lot to brag about, but if you are a nature lover traveller there is a lot to take in. let’s say, a day is just not enough!

The Guelph Enabling Garden

This garden is like a miracle that came true through various shades of green every season. Initially designed for a multi-use for all age groups, it is a perfect blend of natural surroundings to bring the community closer. Now if you happen to come by this beautiful specimen of a garden, you will feel your senses opening and reacting as stimuli to your surroundings.

If gardening is your passion (and just so you happen to be a traveller) you can collect several samples and make your botanical healing garden back home. One of the highlight features of this garden is its accessibility for disabled visitors! Why not take your granny out on a sunny day and let her fulfill her gardening wishes? Limo service in Guelph will make it rather easier, and you can enjoy your day ahead.

University of Guelph Trial Gardens

An interesting thing about the Trial Gardens is the newly cultivated seeds morphing into adult plants just in the summertime when massive crowds come to watch the displays. The agriculture department ensures to entertain the visitors with a diversity of floras in specular arrangements and displays making the view stunning as ever.
Although it is an experimental approach towards nature to see which seeds grow from which kind of soil (all the scientific stuff) but if you are a traveller looking for the rightful experience in your own way, this is the place you might not want to skip. If you are a volunteer at heart, this is your revelation you can work with and share your experience by giving a helping hand.

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