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Best Restaurants in Dubai for the Best Food – Foodie Treat!

Best Restaurants in Dubai for the Best Food - Foodie Treat!
Written by Christina Jones

Dubai is the city with one of the highest restaurants in the world. When it comes to the best food to taste, Dubai has everything to offer you from local to International cuisines. Dubai is serving wholesome treats from all the cuisines from the world which does not have its only own guide but instead it imports restaurant chains that have previously been recognised as the prestigious one somewhere else. Every restaurant listed here featured stunning decor, amazing views and unforgettable culinary experiences. So if you are planning to explore Dubai foods, make sure to have an accommodation to enjoy the great food while you are there.
To make it easy to search for the best restaurants in Dubai, I have made a list of them.

Now here we go with the best restaurants in Dubai for the best foods.

List of Best Restaurant in Dubai for the Best Food:

  • ZETA Seventy Seven
  • Atmosphere Grill & Lounge
  • Asil Restaurant
  • Al Mahara
  • The Shore
  • Couqley French Bistro Dubai
  • Rumba Cuban Bar and Kitchen
  • Tribes Dubai Mall

1. ZETA Seventy Seven

ZETA seventy seven offers the best menu with amazing picturesque views extending across the Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah. It is located on the outdoor oasis of level-77 of the ultimate beach address. The signature dishes of this particular restaurant savours the flavour of Asian seafood such as crispy fried prawns, miso lobster, iced oyster and wagyu sirloin. ZETA 77’s dining and the dinner will be adjacent to the world’s tallest outdoor infinity pool. It can also accommodate guests in the open-air terrace equipped with all kinds of amenities.

2. Atmosphere Grill & Lounge

Atmosphere Grill & Lounge offers an absolute variety of cuisines, wines, champagne to cocktails and teas or coffees. This is a place which is easily accessible by car, taxi, metro or walking. Since this restaurant is in the terrace view you can clearly see the other popular landmarks like Burj Al Arab sitting proudly on the persian gulf, Meydan stadium and Dubai Marina can also be visible clearly. The opening times are 7 am to 9 am for breakfast, 12 pm to 4 pm for afternoon tea and 5 pm until 2 am for dinner.

3. Asil Restaurant

Asil Restaurant is a fantastic restaurant that offers any kind of cuisine just 4.1 km from Palm Jumeirah. It is located in Jumeirah Beach Residence on the walk ground floor. This restaurant is a combination of elegance, innovation, tradition, food and decor. The menu offers authentic flavour with a creative and contemporary twist. The restaurant promises to give the best signature dishes from a fusion of Turkish, Lebanese and Moroccan recipes.

4. Al Mahara

Al Mahara is a unique hotel with amazing architecture that is frequently considered as the most luxurious restaurant present in the Burj Al Arab which is the only 7-star restaurant in the world. Guests can experience an exclusive luxury service with the highest standards in every aspect. The restaurant is built on its own artificial island where it is considered as the pride of Dubai.This restaurant promises all the dishes as their signature dishes and treats our taste buds.

5. The Shore

The Shore restaurant is located on the beachside of Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeirah. The running time is from 9 am to 7 pm. Similar to the restaurants available in the Palm Jumeirah it also offers the best signature dishes with an approximate pricing starting from 350 INR. It will not offer a buffet option, only the multi-cuisine is their main dishes. And also it serves only the cuisines not the beverages like wine, campagne or any other drinks.

6. Couqley French Bistro Dubai

Couqley French Bistro Dubai is located on the Jumeirah Lake Towers opening from 12 pm to 1 am. It is a family friendly restaurant with a kids playing area that happily serves the dining including a quiet indoor terrace. This restaurant is not only meant for cooking and serving dish but also to host the special event. It features an amazing interior design inspired from the original bistros of France and hand-cut mosaic stone floors with a charming indoor terrace seating and zinc bar.

7. Rumba Cuban Bar and Kitchen

Rumba Cuban Bar and Kitchen is situate with the view overlooking the waters of Palm Jumeirah that promises an intriguing culinary journey across cuba. The signature dishes of this restaurant are beef empanadas, smoked veal croquetas, guacamole, fish tacos and many more. It runs daily from 12 pm to 1 am serving any kind of cuisine where the dish is super authentic and flavourful, if a little heavy on the spice.

8. Tribes Dubai Mall

Tribes Carnivore restaurant is located in the level 2 of The Dubai Mall where you can feel the cool ambience perfect for friends hangout. It is a family-friendly restaurant with budget-friendly prices of 135 AED for lunch and 165 AED for dinner. If you are a meat lover then this place is perfectly suite for you to have the best non-vegetarian dishes with a traditional taste. Tribes is sure to be an experience itself to meet your expectations of all the facilities available in the restaurant.

We have seen the beauty of Dubai that has to offer every visitor a wonderful food treat with its magical delicious dishes to treat their taste buds. I hope all the information given above with the list of best restaurants in Dubai will be more useful to figure out the best suitable restaurant that matches your taste. Check out the following Dubai packages to make your next trip more memorable to cherish for your entire lifetime. You can also customise your own itinerary trip packages based on your likes and preferences.


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