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7 beneficial features of government website CMS

beneficial features of government website CMS
Written by Neo Dino

The time of creating websites that function as digital and static brochures is long gone. Nowadays, all sorts of data-providing entities such as local government are predicted to offer the extensively functional, citizen-centric, self-service, device-agnostic feature that includes brandling and serves the function of an efficient browser. 

As the demand for digital content is ever-rising, the local government requires access to the government website CMS or content management system that would be able to deliver the varied types of transaction-related experiences that the citizens ask for. 

Benefits of selecting a government website CMS 

Although the utilization of CMS or content management system is mainly designed for the municipalities, but the local governments can also seamlessly create the specific categories of experiences that their citizens desire and require in this digital engagement era.

Following is a list of 7 major advantages of selecting a government website CMS that you would never get with unspecialized, off-the-shelf CMS software: 

1. Prevention of design and content – By utilizing an intuitive government website CMS, both the design and content live as individual functionalities. Therefore, while set with particular sets of permissions, every single feature would permit the website administrators to edit the content seamlessly without the fear of accidentally altering the overall design of the particular website. 

2. Liability and security – Since the number of cyber hackings is raising rapidly, therefore the protection of the local government websites from any sort of risk exposure and data breaches is of extreme importance. Therefore, without a secure government website CMS, the municipalities would be liable for any sort of theft or loss of data that may happen to the website. 

The CMS ensures to deal with DDOS attacks, RPO or Recovery Point Objective, Disaster Recovery, and Recovery Time Objective or RTO. By partnering with an efficient government CMS vendor that offers multiple layers of safety during migration and also covers any cyber attack, would not only save the municipalities from money but also would save their time and reputation. 

3. Online services – The most significant feature of the local government website CMS is its capability to offer the citizens various online services that would be extremely time-efficient for them. Online services like employment submissions, facility reservations, bill payment, and programs registration can be seamlessly done online from the convenience of the citizens’ home or office using any mobile phone. Moreover, an engaging government CMS solution that offers online services prevents the requirement for the integrations of multiple third-party software. 

4. Simplicity of utilization for administers – Nowadays, continuous access to the latest news is both expected and demanded. Thus, the local governments should compulsorily be able to immediately and easily share the data with citizens, most importantly when it comes to traffic, election results, emergencies, weather, and various other time-sensitive information. Therefore, having a government website CMS that’s easy to update and easy to use for both technical and non-technical staff, can save both the time and money of the municipalities. 

5. A one-stop solution – An efficient government website CMS works as a respiratory for various types of content that are made available especially for the citizens. Functioning with single CMs to handle all sorts of digital needs, facilitate the website administrators to manage the content types by themselves by utilizing a single intuitive solution for the support devices. 

6. Compliance – The local governments are needed to comply with the WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These websites must offer the capabilities required to make sure that the content would be seamlessly accessible by everyone. Moreover, not meeting the website guideline for accessibility would result in legal complications between municipalities and citizens. An efficient government website CMS would cover it all. 

7. Hosting – Collaborating with a governmental website design service that provides access to the CMS and also hosting would help simplify many of the technical functions required for housing the website. Moreover, the most efficient partners with the latest data center technology would be able to support the hosting requirements supported by network providers, redundant networks, and firewalls to help keep the data live regularly. 

Therefore, having a government website CMS that specifically concentrates on the requirements of the local governments can save a lot of money, headache, and time in the end. The government website CMS includes everything that is needed to manage an efficient website design, starting from budget, to security sources and timeline.

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