Basic guide to UTE trays

Basic guide to UTE trays
Written by Pradeep Kumar

Whenever you think of carrying heavy loads or goods from one place to another, the first picture that comes to your mind is of UTE vehicle. These vehicles are an important part of transportation industry as they are the best choice for carrying bulk materials at a time. These days owners of UTEs have started to install additional trays on UTEs and they are known as UTE trays. These trays have further enhanced the functionality of UTE vehicles and are made with best quality materials to provide appropriate convenience to the owner. These trays help keep the goods safe while carrying them over long distances. Moreover, these trays can be customized and used for adventure trips like safaris.

Why UTE trays are so popular?

These trays are very convenient to use as compared to in-built trays. The best part is you can customize UTE trays as per your need and requirement. You can install locks and rack system to organize goods in a better way. You can install drainage system so that water streams out and doesn’t get retain inside the tray. Inspite of adding so many accessories to these trays, you won’t find any hurdle while loading or unloading goods. You can keep variety of tools, tires and even dangerous goods in these trays without any difficulty and transport them to the destination place.

Factors to look for while choosing best UTE trays

As these trays are going to offer you high range of functionality, it is imperative to choose them wisely so that they last long and serve you for more years. You must consider following factors while choosing best UTE trays for your vehicle.

  • Firstly, you must check what material is used for the manufacturing of these trays. You should check two things in this regard – which metal is used and what is the quality of metal used? Steel and aluminum are highly used in fabrication of these trays. However, aluminum is better option than steel as it is less expensive and resistant to water and corrosion. Also, make sure best quality metal is used and not the cheap one, otherwise it will wear off in no time.
  • If you are not satisfied with pre-fabricated design, then you must talk to your vendor to customize it according to your needs. Make sure to state them clearly whatever you desire, so that they don’t create a mess while customizing it for you.
  • Next thing you need to check is if your UTE tray is able to provide safety to the goods kept inside it. While transporting goods from one place to another, it is your responsibility to safeguard the goods so that they aren’t  stolen.
  • Don’t forget to determine your need why you want a UTE tray. If you want to use it for fruits or vegetables then look for optional tarp or roofing option. And if you want to use it for plumbing or construction supplies then look for a ladder rack. In short, customize the trays according to your business or personal needs.
  • You must also check for tire rack. Tire rack gives you flexibility to carry extra tires without disturbing other storage space.
  • Also make sure, it has a toolbox that can be accessed easily in emergencies.

Features of good UTE trays

These are latest designed innovative trays that offer various functional features and uses as below.

  • The very first feature and use of UTE trays is their storage capacity. They offer huge storage capacity and you can carry good number of loads at one time. This saves your work effort and fuel cost as well.
  • Preferably they should be made from Aluminium or Alloy as they are light and corrosion free. Steel is also  very strong and sturdy as they are made of hard metal. So, they provide ultimate safety to the materials kept inside them.
  • As they are made from good quality materials, they protect the materials from all external weather conditions and are resistant to water and corrosion also.
  • The best thing is they are versatile in nature and You can use them for your transportation business on weekdays and for adventure trips on weekends. You can carry all tools and supplies needed for your outdoor activities in these UTE trays. You can also install canopy on them in case you wish you go for camping in mountains.
  • They must come with a tyre rack as you won’t have to dump spare wheels into your cargo space. Some already come with secret compartments that prove to be very handy.

So, this was a general basic guide about UTE trays. If you also wish to install it in your UTE make sure to contact a certified manufacturer to get this work done for you.

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