7 Amazing cakes to have on your birthday.

Amazing cakes to have on your birthday
Written by Pradeep Kumar

So we’ve all probably gone through the cake-making process at some point in our childhood. After you’ve thought about the look, color, and everything else that makes up a perfect birthday cake, here are seven cakes to take home for your birthday! (We mean, do you think they’re cute and all?).

List of top 7 Amazing cakes

1. Peanut butter cup, peanut butter cup, peanut butter cup

The first thing that comes to mind about a peanut butter cup is how adorable it looks every time you see one. This cake has a lot of peanut butter cups because it’s cover in specks of peanut butter. It’s even made out of milk chocolate. You get two layers of this, with each layer being decorate with mini peanut butter cups. The third layer contains a green mini pie shell. There’s a little sprinkler, which makes an adorable noise when turned on.

2. Peanut butter bar, peanut butter bar, peanut butter bar

This delicious piece can be use in many different ways, as a drink, as a birthday treat, or as a cookie. We’d recommend using this as a pick-me-up instead of taking it to-go. As for the drink, there’s a variety of combinations you choose from, such as lemonade, caramel, and pistachio cream, and my personal favorite is strawberry and passion fruit juice.

Both will have a sweet note to them, but make sure you order a small batch to distribute everything throughout the mug evenly. However, just like peanut butter and peanut butter bars, only if made by family members you can’t tell who makes them as they’re sold as gifts, not just the ones you buy the big pack, and everyone knows what they’re doing. Check out some delicious cakes and order cakes onlineto get the best you want.

3. Peanut butter carrot cake, peanut butter carrots, cheese, peanut butter carrot cake, peanut butter cookies and cream, peanut butter, and chocolate

There’s nothing better than a peanut carrot cake. It’s got a creamy texture and looks adorable when you cut it into individual slices. Like peanut butter bars, each slice has a peanut butter cup inside them filled with mini candies. There are also many vegetables, including kale, carrots, spinach, broccoli and lettuce, and lots more for you to enjoy.

There are plenty of toppings, so it gets extra fun when making it yourself and getting creative, like putting peanut butter crisps, peanut butter nuts, and other tasty treats like raspberry raisins or sesame seeds.

4. Cheesy pretzel dog, cheesy pretzel dog, cheesy pretzel dog

Another great way to have a good day on the weekend and enjoy spending quality time together has a cheese dog in the form of a furry friend! They’re a bit hard to find as they’re made with a mixture of protein and sugar to give them their distinctive flavor.

These dogs are extremely fluffy so that people can cuddle them as you have a very soft pillowy teddy bear, especially with these guys who come in shades of brown. Who doesn’t want a dog to play with? Especially if his name was ‘Cheese Dog,’ he keeps trying to sneak his paw into your mouth while saying ‘Cheese Puppy.’

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5. Pretzel ball cake, pretzel balls baby, pretzel ball cake

What could go wrong with a Pretzel Ball Cake?! They’re adorable, and their shape adds to the overall appearance with their large size and shape. Plus, they’re pretty tasty as you’ll taste them and then watch them disappear into thin air. Don’t hesitate to share them with anyone, and don’t worry about keeping them hidden.

If you ask any parent, you will want to put them onto your child or on a desk, not on your work desk, because they’re too big and not supposed to be eaten by children. Also, if you’re looking for a dessert party for yourself, this would be the perfect party for you.

6. Fun and festive egg white

We’ve all heard about Egg White from friends and family, and honestly we love them. But have someone ever told you that they have a special ingredient that makes them a truly unique and amazing treat? This particular version contains blue yolks and pink chocs, and you never know what will be add to them. Either add a few drops of extract from the fridge or use the full recipe; the results are worth the wait. Once they cool down, they become super delicious and melt effortlessly like real ooey-gooey goodness. There’s an egg inside, responsible for holding all the moisture in the powder, which is made up of water and gelatin. Once this happens, the liquid bubble around the eggshell, forming a wavy egg white. When the egg whites are completely form, they stick to the base of the egg and eventually fall off the bowl into the ice cream and serve to whoever asks for them. Then once the ice cream melts, this creates a smooth swirl pattern on the skin, causing the face to appear like a human tooshie. And that’s how to prepare a white egg, oo!

7. Chocolate apple cake, cinnamon apples, baked apple, vanilla icing

This chocolate apple cake is a masterpiece! It’s a must-try if your child wants a homemade birthday dessert for dinner and the cake is the same size it’s usually made for! So place it in a freezer bag, pop the bag into the fridge and let it sit overnight, only to remove it before serving, and the best part is that you can customize it in whatever way you want or need. In just 15 minutes, it will just end up being ready to eat!

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