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4 amazing benefits of owning a refurbished Samsung S10 in 2021

4 amazing benefits of owning a refurbished Samsung S10 in 2021
Written by Christina Jones

Let’s face it – we often use certain terms believing that they are synonymous and can be use interchangeably, while in real life it’s far from the truth. Two such terms are ‘used’ and ‘refurbished!’ There are many who think these are one and the same, but in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. So, in this post, we’d discuss what the words really mean and why choosing a refurbished Samsung S10 in 2021 makes sense. So, let’s get start!

Difference between used and refurbished phones

The words ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’ shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Refurbish phones are those handsets that were use for a very brief period by the owner of the device, such as 3-4 months, and then exchanged for another device. Refurbished handset sellers then repair these phones and restore them to their original factory settings before putting them up for sale again.
On the other hand, phone are use by the owner for a consider period of time and are sold as is. These are not repair and usually have their faults unattended.
Most people are unaware of the difference between the two and thus, people are often sceptical about owning refurbished devices, when they clearly shouldn’t. So, in this post, we’d be listing a few notable advantages of owning a refurbished Samsung S10.

4 benefits of owning a refurbished smartphone


Always fancied buying a premium Samsung device but couldn’t because of the hefty price tag? Well, now you can! Refurbished devices are fully operational/ functional devices that are available at a fraction of the original price tag. They thus present a huge opportunity for people to lay hands on their dream phone without spending a fortune.

Quality certified

As mentioned earlier, refurbish phones are repair and are devoid of faults that generally used phones have. When you buy a refurbish Samsung phone from a reliable and professional refurbish handset seller, you can rest assure know that your device has gone through several quality checks before being put up for sale.


Most local stores selling refurbished devices don’t offer a warranty. This is another reason why people do not feel confident buying these devices. When you choose a reliable refurbished phone seller, they offer a 6-month warranty on the device. Some even offer a 12-month warranty with provision for extended warranty. This shows their commitment and builds a sense of confidence.


Buying a refurbished device does tons of good to the environment. Want to know how? Well, when sellers refurbish a device, they prevent it from getting to the landfills, thereby giving the device a chance to serve its purpose for a longer period. Irresponsibly dumping a handset without any actual cause has a negative impact on the environment. Refurbished devices are certainly worth checking out, particularly if you are looking to own a premium device at pocket-friendly rates.

Key takeaway

Don’t know if you should buy an old phone? But, chances are you are here because you’ve already found a notable refurbished Samsung device at a fraction of its original cost, and want to give it a try. For those still hesitant about owning a refurbished Samsung S10 in 2021, the handset came out in early 2019 and had the latest and greatest of specs and features, some of which are still relevant in 2021. It’s worth mentioning that the handset still features a flagship processor from 2019, the best cameras, and an equally amazing display.

So, you can definitely go ahead and get yourself a premium, refurbished Samsung device. However, always make sure that you buy the phone from a reliable seller, known for selling quality refurbished handsets. Make sure they offer a warranty on the device, and that the device itself is in top form. Check their return policy in advance, just to be on the safe side.

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