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All about Morning Desert Safari in Dubai – Best Experience Ever!

All about Morning Desert Safari in Dubai - Best Experience Ever!
Written by Pradeep Kumar

Dubai is a paradise for the dreamer. The sprawling malls, thrilling nightlife and lively city life draw tourists from all over the world. The one thing that is the star attraction is the Dubai Desert Safari tour. It’s one of the most popular Dubai tourist destinations to witness the peace, tranquility, and a serene emptiness of the desert, which draws you in like an attraction.

Dubai is the perfect location to sample local cuisines and get an understanding of the local Bedouin culture that was very prominent prior to the city becoming an international tourist destination. An exciting night in the deserts of Dubai promises thrilling camel rides as well as wildlife watching, a dance show featuring barbecue, sandboarding, and the delight of dressing in traditional clothes.

The best experiences and exciting activities, make the Desert Safari in Dubai worthable and memorable.

The Evening & Morning Desert Safari – Take your pick

There are two distinct desert safaris available both of which are worth a try. one is worth trying. Each offers a variety of activities that will allow you to make the most of your time out in the desert. You can pick the Dubai tour package on the internet with an excursion to the desert or reserve one later with your local tour operator.

Everything About Morning Desert Safari In Dubai

Here’s a list of interesting and unique activities to enjoy on a morning desert safari in Dubai.

1. See the first light of sunlight

See the first light of the sun’s rising from The Arabian desert and revel in the glory of it. The beauty and serene will sweep your breath away and will make you be enthralled by nature once more. It is possible to capture this stunning scene with your camera to keep a record of your memories.

2. Take a ride on an exciting Camel ride

What’s a desert adventure without an exciting ride? A camel ride adds excitement to the daytime desert safari in Dubai which lets you experience the wildlife as you travel through the desert’s lonesome landscape. In this 45-minute to an hour-long ride on rear of a camel you can take in the falcon’s show. Make sure to get the photo of the falcon perched on your arm as it is one of the most popular tourist activities to take in.

3. An exhilarating dune bashing experience

Dune bashing on Dubai the desert safari allows you to explore your experience in the Arabian desert in a thrilling method. It’s an adventure in jeeps in large 4×4 vehicles which involves traveling at various speeds across dunes. It’s an adrenaline pumping experience that lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.

4. Ride a quad bike

Enjoy the excitement that comes from riding your quad bicycle across the Arabian desert. Quad bikes are motorbike with four wheels which allows riding through the most challenging terrains while admiring the stunning scenery in the background. If you lease the bike, tour guides will show you on how to operate it , and also provide safety equipment.

5. Sandboard on the dunes to ski

Sandboarding is another fun activity you can do at the Arabian desert. It’s similar to snowboarding, which involves the dune down to the sand as you stand on a board while securing both your feet on. A sport that fills your life with excitement while taking in the peaceful beauty that is the desert.

6. A unforgettable hot air balloon flight

Jump aboard an air balloon to take in the 360-degree views of the Arabian desert. When it is high in the sky the view gets more breathtaking and you will be able to spot wildlife from safaris all surrounding. You’ll want to capture the sights on your camera while you fly around Dubai.

Everything About Evening Desert Safari In Dubai

There’s a lot of exciting and unique activities to enjoy on a desert safari at night in Dubai.

7. Take a picture of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen

One thing you should not be able to afford to miss on your desert safari in the evening is the stunning sunset. As the sun fades beneath the desert sand dunes the orange hue of the sand provides a beautiful appearance. It’s an astonishing scene to be captured for whole life.

8. An evening of entertainment

There’s also a wide range of entertainment opportunities that enhance your evening when you are in Dubai. Dubai desert, the belly dance, the Tanoura dance performances by fire dancers will make you enthralled and in awe at the same. Have a temporary henna tattoo with an attractive design for the cost of a small amount.

9. Taste the local dishes

Nothing can beat the pleasure of eating authentic Arabic dishes in a luxurious tent. Spend a memorable night together with loved ones while enjoying the buffet dinner on an oasis safari. Kebabs khubz as well as kefta and mansaf, are some of the most popular Arabic dishes you must try. You should try “Sheesha” in the Dubai desert, which is a the traditional flavored smoking that is served within the UAE.

10. The safari can be concluded with watching the stars

Desert is a destination which offers captivating days with enchanting nights. Relax in the peaceful desert at night while gazing at the dazzling stars that float above you. A nighttime astronomy excursion with an expert astronomer in private can help you experience the beauty of stargazing, and help you remember how people in past times relied on stars to guide them and tell stories. It’s an amazing experience, and is the perfect method to unwind after a hard-core experiences in the desert.

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