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4 trends that the best city websites must follow in 2021

Written by Christina Jones

All websites, including and especially city and government websites, have changed exponentially in the past couple of years. Commercial interests might not be the main agenda for the best city websites but still they must change with the times to ensure that they provide a seamless experience for all the visitors on their site.

The best city websites in 2021 need completely different functionality and features than what was expected of similar websites around 5 years ago. The requirements for what the best city websites must or must not contain has been changing constantly over the past couple of years and in 2021, here are 4 of the most important trends that the best city websites must contain in order to be relevant and successful in 2021.

1. Mobile-First Approach

If you happen to be an admin of a city website that is still not mobile-responsive in 2021 then you surely have been living under the rock until now! It is hardly a secret that in today’s day and age, most people choose to access the internet from their smart phones than any other device and hence it is a pressing need for all kinds of websites to have a mobile-first approach in 2021. Hire designers that can design your website from a completely mobile-first standpoint because this is one of the most pressing needs for all sorts of websites in 2021 and the best city websites are no exception to this. If you want more people to come to you and for more people to stay longer on your website, then it is an absolute must for you to use the mobile-first approach for your city website in 2021.

2. Faster Loading Times

Background images and motion graphics might have worked a couple of years ago but the same strategy isn’t really going to take you very far in 2021. This is because using such graphics on your website can substantially decrease load times on both mobile devices as well as desktops. Thus if you want to ensure a much better user experience for your users then remove most if not all of the motion graphics or the unnecessary images on your website. If and when you do so, your website will load up very fast and the visitors won’t be annoyed in the slightest.

3. Use Google AMP

AMP by Google is a service which stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” and it is very true to its name. When websites use AMP, their web pages load a lot faster because this service actually offers a lightweight version of the website to your different visitors. This service actually works through Google and it helps Google users in enjoying a very easy and seamless user experience by removing unnecessary load time. AMP substantially reduces the load time of the website by showing a version of the web pages without all the needless CSS and JavaScript. There are several benefits that the best city websites can avail by using the AMP framework in today’s day and age. Not only will such websites load faster but such websites can also avail various SEO benefits meaning they have better chances of showing higher on search engines than non-amp pages for related searches.

4. Use Call-To-Action

Use call to action on your website to the effect that it is the first thing that visitors see when they stumble upon your website and browse through the same. Admins of the best city websites must take note and they must add the call to action above the “fold” on both the desktop as well as the mobile versions of the website. “Above the fold” basically means that the CTA should always be within the sight of the user and they must not need to scroll down the page, to find the CTA. By using CTA on their page, the admins of the best city websites will ensure that visitors to their site fully understand the services that are being effort, without having to put any efforts in finding the same by themselves.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the top four trends that the best city websites must follow in 2021. Some of the trends are of a very pressing need and the best city websites just can’t afford to not use them in today’s day and age. Even though commercial interests aren’t the main purpose of the best city websites they must always endeavor to provide the best possible experience to their visitors and using these four trends should be the main focus of the admins of the best city websites for the year of 2021.

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