10 Things You Can Learn from Competitors While Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Written by Pradeep Kumar

Let’s face it Outsourcing Data Entry Services isn’t something anybody looks forward too. Many managers and entrepreneurs have correctly defined it as a nightmare they would like to wake up from, and they are right in characterizing it in that way. The mere idea of sifting through unfathomable amount of data to manage and organize it can prove to be a headache.

That is precisely why we have third party service providers doing the job for you. Data entry service providers are now clamoring to provide a number of services like product data entry, image reviewing, data capturing and so much more. Companies, on the other hand are more than enthused to lift this burden off their shoulders and place it on their reliable backs.

Yes, outsourcing has a lot of benefits to sing about. However, there are also some red flags that one cannot ignore. An issue of security usually comes to mind when selecting a third party service provider.

Now you can commit the mistake and then learn from it, or you can do the smart thing and learn from the mistakes of your competitors.

So without much further ado, we shed light on some of the most crucial lessons you can learn from your competitors while outsourcing data entry services.

Handling Emergencies

Firms are saddled with heaps of data on a daily basis. In such a scenario, a firm needs to be intuitive enough to know which data needs more urgent handling than the others. A competitor might choose a firm that prioritizes on those urgencies, and those are the firms you should scout for. One who won’t have a problem handling emergency work without any hesitations.

Progress Monitoring

A wise competitor will always choose a service provider that gives them real time access to the work being processed. This gives them a heads up on what is going on, they can intervene in case things are deviating from the path mutually agreed upon. Choose a firm that allows you real time access to your data and provides you with regular updates.


A competitor will go on to choose a service provider that offers services that are a perfect suit to his business. Different companies, engaged in different domains need different services. For e.g. an insurance firm will need insurance data entry services. Try to land a service that is custom made for the operation of your business.

Data Security

Security is a major concern when opting for data entry service providers. You need to choose a company that has all the security protocols in place like VPN’s and SSL certificates, stuff that is going to keep your data safe. Your data holds a lot of valuable information and hence you cannot afford to lose it.

Fast Turnaround

We are living in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing. To keep up with it we need a service that can get your job done on time. Many companies today promise tasks within deadlines. Your competitor will always choose a service that gets the job done briskly and that is the firm you need to opt for to.

Cost Effectiveness

The service you get should offer value for money. As such the service you get should be of top quality and well within your budget. With a cost effective service you can expect to save up to 30-50% in operation costs. Lord knows, your competitor will only opt for a cost effective service.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

Most companies outsource their service offshore to a completely different continent. So there are high chances of cultural barriers creeping up, threatening to disrupt an otherwise normal procedure. To be on the safe side, always opt for a service provider residing in India or the Philippines where fluent English is spoken.

Avoid Blind Replicating

 Don’t just opt for a service, because your competitor is doing so. In psychology it is called herd mentality, and trusts us it is not a positive definition to have. Try to go for more niche players who might be operating under the radar but equally competent in providing quality services with all the desired perks.

Overcome Time Zone Barriers

A major disadvantage of outsourcing to an offshore continent is the fact that apart from cultural barriers you also have to overcome time zone barriers. Luckily, offshore firms now deliver 24/7 services to ensure you get uninterrupted services around the clock. Rest assured you will always have an operator to solve your queries, no matter the time.

The Bottom Line

Data entry service providers are now widely popular and expanding in numbers. Choosing the one can that is right for you can be challenging. Although beneficial, there are red flags you need to take into account before opting for their services. 

Some due diligence needs to be done on your part on the firms you are scouting for, or perhaps the best way is to find out the service provider under employment with your competitors. This not only gives you an edge over your competitors, it also saves you from losses that would have occurred from your own ignorance. I hope You are like the post of 10 Things You Can Learn from Competitors While Outsourcing Data Entry Services.

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